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The purpose of the Nepean Sports Wall of Fame is to identify and honour a select number of Nepean athletes, teams, coaches, sport builders and media people, past and present residents, which have excelled in their respective fields of endeavour, either professionally or as non-professionals, at the national or international level.

The idea of a Nepean Sports Wall of Fame began with a group of committed volunteers, along with support from the City of Nepean, in 1984 and the initial inductees had their photos and brief write-ups mounted on plaques and placed on a wall in the entrance to the Nepean Sportsplex on Woodroffe Avenue. The sports wall of inductees continues to be located there.

Due to various circumstances, the process was stopped about 10 years ago and over time several plaques have begun to deteriorate.

In the spring of 2018, a new NSWF Board of Directors was established with some past members and several new individuals. The Board is moving forward on several fronts including:

  • Restoration of previous plaques - photos and narratives;

  • Planning of an induction ceremony in  September 2019;

  • Establishing criteria and a formal nominations process to  consider nominees such as sports individuals and teams, coaches, builders and media personalities;

  • Securing funding to offset the costs of the restoration of plaques and procurement of the newest inductee plaques for 2019-2023;

  • Reaffirming relations with the City of Ottawa (Nepean);

  • Establishing a robust social media presence;

  • Archiving past and current records;

  • Co-ordinating efforts with others such as the Ottawa Sport Hall of Fame; and

  • Creating an appropriate governance structure for the NSWF.

The NSWF initiative is operated completely by volunteers but there are certain modest costs that will need to be incurred, mainly the cost of restoration of 20 previous plaques and the purchase and mounting of  30 plaques for new inductees, approximately 10 annually for the years of 2019, 2021 and 2023. The total cost is estimated at approximately $5,000.

The NSWF Board of Directors is seeking individuals or corporate supporters who would be willing support this endeavour with a one-time total pledge covering all three years at one of three levels:

  • Presenting Sponsor with industry exclusivity, larger logo and company name display in all social media and programs;

  • Gold pledge of $1500 large logo and company name display in all social media and programs;

  • Silver pledge of $1000 with intermediate size name and logo displays;

  • Bronze pledge of $500 with name and logo displays.

  • Friends of NSWF individual donations of $25, $50 or $100

Your support will be recognized on our website and in other social media as well as in the NSWF ceremony programs of 2021 and 2023.

For further information please contact Director, David Rattray at:

Mobile: 613 797 2959


The Nepean Sports Wall of Fame wishes to thank the City of Ottawa and the Nepean Sportsplex
for their co-operation and support in bringing this project forward.

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